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Builds a Switch element

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#mappingsHash, ...

Mappings from command to label

If a hash is given, the keys are the commands and the values are the labels. The keys can be any command, string or symbol. They will be converted to strings.

If an array is given:

  • Scalar elements define the command, and the label is the same as the command.
  • Array elements contain the command, label, and optional third element for the icon.
  • Hash elements contain the command, release (optional), label, and icon (optional) defined by the corresponding keys.


A Hash to specify different command and label

switch mappings: { off: "Off", cool: "Cool", heat: "Heat" }

A simple array with the same command and label

switch mappings: %w[off cool heat]

An array of arrays containing the command, label, and icon

switch mappings: [
  %w[off Off f7:power],
  %w[cool Cool f7:snow],
  %w[heat Heat f7:flame],
  %w[auto Auto] # no icon

An array of hashes for the command, label, and icon

switch mappings: [
  {command: "off", label: "Off", icon: "f7:power"},
  {command: "cool", label: "Cool", icon: "f7:snow"},
  {command: "heat", label: "Heat", icon: "f7:flame"},
  {command: "auto", label: "Auto"} # no icon

Since openHAB 4.2, release is also supported in the array of hashes

# when `release` is specified, `command` will be sent on press and `release` on release
switch mappings: [
  {label: "On", command: ON, release: OFF, icon: "f7:power"}


See Also:


  • openHAB 4.1 added support for icons

# File 'lib/openhab/dsl/sitemaps/builder.rb', line 327

def mappings