#openHAB JRuby Library

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This library aims to be a fairly high-level Ruby gem to support automation in openHAB. It provides native Ruby access to common openHAB functionality within rules including items, things, actions, logging and more.

Full documentation is available on GitHub Pages.


  • @boc-tothefuture created and maintained this library up to version 4.x prior to its inclusion into the official openHAB repository.
  • @ccutrer performed major restructuring and added significant new features in version 5.0.
  • @jimtng, @pacive, and others who have made contributions to this library.

See changes in 5.0 for more detail significant breaking changes from the last published release prior to the inclusion into openHAB's repository.


Please see this thread on the openHAB forum for further discussion. Ideas and suggestions are welcome.